All the parts of a turbocharger, after careful technical check, it is safe and allowed by the manufacturers to be reconditioned, and Turbomare always recommends it to its clients as a cost saving solution. 
The most common examples are the bearings used by the VTR series of ABB whose ball bearings and damping springs, after the successful removal of corrosion of their casings with chemical cleaning, are replaced with brand new ones. Special attention is given to the ball bearings which support the radial and axial loads and reduce the rotational friction of the rotor. For that reason, we exclusively use spherical and cylindrical ball bearings of the German brand FAG (x-life series) which feature improved raceway geometry and optimised surfaces achieving higher fatigue limit load.
The gas/air-inlet/outlet casings of the turbochargers can also be reconditioned, if they pass our ultrasonic thickness measurement and high-water pressure tests. In that case they are cleaned, sandblasted and repainted.Other spare parts’ reconditioning that Turbomare can handle are the oil pumps of the ABB VTR series and complete rotors. Again, relevant reports are given to the client supported by photographic evidence.