The turbine blades of the rotor of the turbocharger are the most suffering part of the turbocharger because of their constant exposure to the exhaust gases of the main/auxiliary engine and the inevitable excitations of them. The irregularities caused to the turbine blades by the material of the exhaust gases include fractures, pitting, rubbing, cracks and sulphidation leading to major decrease of the supercharging efficiency of the turbocharger and, as a result, of the engine efficiency itself.
Under specific circumstances, determined by the manufacturers of the turbochargers, welding of the turbine blades is allowed. Special attention has to be given to the material and procedure standards which have to be followed strictly so the re-stored turbine blade will get the appropriate geometrical form and the welded material will not be torn off by the exhaust gases and the vibration caused by the rotating speed of the rotor, leading to further damage of the rest of the turbine blades and other surrounding components.
Turbomare has the machinery and the required know-how to perform the pre-mentioned words without never compromising the integrity and the safe operation of your turbocharger.