We are pleased to announce the purchase of spare parts in order to cover the whole IHI RH series. The IHI RH series of turbochargers is commonly fitted to the engines Yanmar 6N18(A)L, 6N21(A)L and DAIHATSU 3DK20, 5DK20 & 6DK20.
Our renewed stock includes service kits (SERVICE KIT 1-K10, SERVICE KIT 2 FULL FLOATING-K20 & SERVICE KIT 2 SEMI FLOATING-L20), complete rotors, bearing, compressor & turbine housings, complete cartridge units and complete turbocharger units. All the prementioned parts are of various specifications aiming to be in position of meeting any inquiry of the market, based on our experience and current client list. The spare parts are genuine and of high quality in order to guarantee the safe operation of the turbocharger.
In addition, our technicians are trained in order to provide full technical support.