ABB VTR..0/1/4

ABB VTR..0/1/4

Main design features:

• Rotors with axial turbines and radial compressors with a variety of different sizes of nozzle rings, diffusers, turbine blades heights, compressor wheel widths aiming to achieve the optimum pair of the turbocharger with the engine.

• External, spring mounted, rolling-contact bearings with independent and integrated lubricating and oil cooling system of two types: a) self-lubricating antifriction bearings for all types of the series and b) optional sleeve bearings with external lubrication for ABB VTR 454, 564 & 714 types.

• Two main systems of bearings lubrication: a) centrifugal oil pumps for the smaller types of the series (ABB VTR 214, 254, 304, 354) which separate out any dirt particles from the lubrication oil and b) standard oil pumps for the bigger types of the series (ABB VTR 454, 564, 714) fitted with sleeve bearing with a separate oil filtering systems and a standby emergency lubrication tank.

• The latest LA36/LA70 ABB bearings / lubrication system for the bigger types of the series (ABB VTR 454,564,714). Optimized for the higher demands of performance and vibration absorbance: dual premium-steel casing containing equally high-quality ball bearings. Their optimal lubrication is achieved by a special oil coating fed by equivalently high-pressure oil pumps. As a result the new bearing generation of ABB has significantly improved their durability and has increased the overhauling hours from 8000 (LA14/TA01) to 16000 (LA36/TA04). An easy way to understand which type of bearings, your turbocharger is fitted with, is to check the colour of the internal ball bearings; LA14/TA01 type has white ball bearings and the LA36/TA04 type has black ball bearings.

• Water-cooled and uncooled casings options fitted with each other in increments of 15 or 30 degrees, facilitation the attachment of the turbocharger to the engine.

• Gas inlet casings of various number of entries alternatives in order to match the engine characteristics of each application.

Main benefits:
• Extended customization options matching the needs of each application, providing various sizes for each main component of the turbocharger (turbine  blades, compressor wheels, casings, nozzle rings and diffusers).

• Operational reliability proved by the long testing of the series in practice and easy availability of spare parts.